Phoenix Suns Grant Brings Hope to Our Athletes

Phoenix Suns Charities

Leadership is possible in all different ways, and in all different areas of life. Whether it is with friends or family, I expect them to set a great example for me, and hopefully I will do the same for them. And that is all part of being a leader.” Steve Nash

Grants are given by companies, foundations or awards to facilitate a goal. Our goal is to bring the T1L1 experience into new schools with sports teams such as Basketball, Football, Golf, Volleyball, Tennis to teach our Athletes Leadership skills and Character Development. Our athletes will be given the tools to influence other young players and be role models not only during their years in Junior High and High School but in years to come. Hope Mentors lead students into a Life of Purpose and Potential through Celebration and Excellence!

Our goal, as the staff of T1L1 in Maricopa County, is to bring past athletes and Coaches to mentor athletes, investing weekly in kid’s lives, so that they role model healthy relationships, good communication skills and the importance of one on one interaction through hands on activities and small group time.

Thank you Phoenix Suns for providing the funding for Hope Mentors this year! We Need YOU to consider sacrificially donating an hour a week to students who need you the most. Together we can change the world!