T1L1 Maricopa County, AZ CHAPTER

mentoring students in the greater phoenix metro area

About Us

Teach One to Lead One’s Maricopa County Chapter provides a community mentoring program throughout the greater Phoenix metro area. We teach Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

  • We provide community certified mentors who partner with public schools, juvenile courts, and other youth-oriented groups.
  • We deliver a curriculum-based program that helps a generation of students at risk solve the challenges they face.
  • We guarantee measurable results that improve attitudes, academics, and attendance at school.
  • Most of all, we offer hope for students.

How It Works

Teach One to Lead One functions within elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the nation. Our system provides schools with qualified mentors and a proven program curriculum during approved school hours. T 1L1 requires no additional training or certification from school staff and minimal demands from the administration as a whole. With an emphasis on excellence and integrity, T 1L1 principles reflect onto the daily lives of students and increase performance levels. Schools continue to support the Teach One Lead One program as part of their class schedule.


Each and every one of us has the opportunity to give back to our communities by mentoring kids. We will equip responsible caring adults with training and materials so they can bring life-changing character and leadership skills to kids.


We make it easy to implement positive change in your students. With only a few months in the program, teachers can see the impact as grades rise and attitudes change.


Your organization has the incredible opportunity to take the risk away from at-risk kids. There’s no better way to make an impact than to invest in your community.

working together

You Can Now Give
Hope to Students

100% of your donation will go toward creating and delivering effective mentoring to kids at risk of violence, hate, and low self-esteem. Working together, we can take these risks away from kids and give them hope.

Participating Schools

Our Teach One to Lead One Maricopa County Chapter proudly partners with these fine schools. Every day, our mentors bring character based principles into the classrooms that need it most.

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Talk to a Teach One to Lead One® representative today about becoming a T1L1 mentor, an investor, or creating a T1L1 chapter at your school or youth organization.

E-mail: MaricopaAZ@T1L1.org | Phone: 623-439-1348 /  P.O. Box 71218 / Phoenix, AZ 85050-9998