The Person Least Expected to Change

Teach One to Lead One® exists to transform at-risk kids into upright citizens. But ask any volunteer mentor  and you’ll quickly  learn that T1L1 also transforms our adult mentors!


When I began as a volunteer mentor with T1L1, little did I know that four years later I would be moving across the country to start this program in my home state. In fact, to be honest, when I began as a mentor I was nervous and not exactly excited that I had just committed to giving up another hour of my already busy week for the next few months. However, it quickly became my favorite hour of the week as I developed relationships with the kids and saw the impact that this program was having on their lives.


I then began to notice a change in my life. I was learning from the principles that I was teaching! Everything we talked about with students was completely relevant to every area of my life. The truth about these principles was changing the way I interacted with people at my work, my friends, and my family! During my “already busy weeks,” I would remember a story or analogy that another mentor had shared and it would inspire me to live differently.


Six years ago I decided to take the risk to help transform these at-risk students into responsible citizens. I am so glad I did as the program also helped to transform me.