Welcoming Desert Mountain High School to T1L1!Welcoming

Desert Mountain High School and Teach One to Lead One have teamed up to mentor 80 students in the 2019-2020 school year! The 80 students are made up of various ages and include the JV and Varsity boys basketball teams, 3 LRC classes, and select Freshman and Sophomores. These students have been mentored by 16 […]

Phoenix Suns Support T1L1!Support

Phoenix Suns Charities awarded Teach One to Lead One with a $10,000 grant to help provide students who are at-risk with mentors in the 2019-2020 school year! This is the 2nd consecutive year that Phoenix Suns Charities have chosen to partner with Teach One to Lead One to help kids in the community. Their continued […]

Self-Control: Want What You Want to Want

Austin Davis, Community Engagement Specialist Do you ever find yourself wanting something better for your life, yet keep making decisions that don’t lead you there? Why is that? Why don’t we have the self-control to want something for ourselves and immediately make the changes to make it happen? Contrary to the cultural mantra of “Do […]

Mentor Post: Finding Purpose

**From a T1L1 Mentor in Maricopa County** When I signed up to be a mentor with  Teach One to Lead One®, I had no idea how much I would love volunteering to mentor these kids.  It is so exciting to see the students learn and grow before your eyes in such a short period of […]