A Changed Life

Richard Doe, Maricopa County Chapter Director “See that kid right there with the black and orange shoes? You just changed his life.” These were words that were spoken to me by a school principal this last year in regards to one of her 6th grade students. After just 3 weeks spent mentoring this young boy, […]

The Suicide Crisis

If you live in the Phoenix area, you have most likely heard about the tragedy that took place on May 11, 2015  at a local high school – Corona Del Sol. Marcus, an 18 year old senior and athlete, brought a gun to school with the sole purpose of ending his life on campus. In […]


One of the many pieces of truth that  we give to  Teach One to Lead One® students is that in order to have GREAT relationships, it involves  respect  and  meaningful effort.   We say that each person has a Relational Bank Account (RBA).  Just like a financial bank account, you can make deposits or withdrawals into […]

The Person Least Expected to Change

Teach One to Lead One® exists to transform at-risk kids into upright citizens. But ask any volunteer mentor  and you’ll quickly  learn that T1L1 also transforms our adult mentors!   When I began as a volunteer mentor with T1L1, little did I know that four years later I would be moving across the country to […]