A Changed Life

Richard Doe, Maricopa County Chapter Director

“See that kid right there with the black and orange shoes? You just changed his life.”

These were words that were spoken to me by a school principal this last year in regards to one of her 6th grade students. After just 3 weeks spent mentoring this young boy, the trajectory of his life had already changed.

This boy, who we will call Ryan, was floundering. His grades were poor. He was disengaged in school. His attendance was terrible. Ryan was at-risk of falling out of the school system and eventually not succeeding in our society. The school was losing hope for him and could not get him to show up or apply himself.

Ryan’s principal brought Teach One to Lead One into her school and provided him with mentors who would invest in him weekly for an hour. This opportunity lit a fire in his heart as he began to believe in himself.   His principal said, “I don’t know what you guys are doing, but it is working. He hasn’t missed a day since the start of T1L1, and his points are up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Upon completion of the Teach One to Lead One program, not only was Ryan’s attendance up, but his behavior had improved and he took a vested interest in the success of his school and those around him. He began operating as a “student leader” in a second semester of T1L1, helping his fellow students understand the importance of applying the T1L1 Universal Principles in their daily lives.

At Teach One to Lead One, we believe that life transformation takes place for at-risk students when they are given an element of truth in the context of healthy, adult mentors, along with a spirit of joy and celebration.

Will you join the T1L1 movement and change a student’s life? Please consider investing your time to mentor or investing your resources to sponsor a child to be mentored.